Customs Agency & Brokerage

At t.ward shipping ltd we keep up to date with customs regulations and clearance rules – we have electronic access to customs internationally which means we can ensure fast clearance for you cargo.


We know that customs regulations are a complex area of law, so we work with you to help you understand the regulations that apply to you and make sure you comply, avoiding unnecessary delays and problems.


Our custom brokers are on hand to help with:


- Duty and tax planning

- Intrastat

- Tariff clarification advice

- Carnets

- IPR for customs control


- Import/Export licences

- Preferences and quotas

- Temporary imports

- All UK ports and customs houses

- Diversion of cargo for home use


We will help you clear your goods through customs throughout the world with up to date advice about import duties and tax and international tariff codes and permits. We can help with any type of product, whether you are using sea freight or airfreight.

For more information on our customs agency services, please contact us.