Importing to the UK - focus on Japan

04th July 2019


We export and import sea freight shipments to and from the UK to all over the world, including Japan. These can include both full and part container shipments (FCL or LCL) through our contracts with all the major shipping lines.


According to Government data* imports from Japan to the UK were worth over eight billion pounds in 2016, and those levels have remained steady since 1999. 


The most popular imports from Japan to the UK include:


⦁    Food & agriculture
⦁    Fashion & textiles
⦁    Traditional crafts & design work
⦁    Electronics


There is an increasing appetite for Japanese influenced culture, design and cuisine in the UK, and we have noticed a corresponding increase in imports. For more information on our sea freight services from Japan to the UK, contact us. We’re always happy to discuss options with you.