Europe by Sea

03rd April 2019

Do you get a better deal transporting your goods by sea?

Transporting your goods to Europe via Dover is the most common route for UK business, but it may not be the most efficient financially or environmentally. Although it seems like the more straightforward option, it sometimes pays off to try a different approach. The port is very busy, and is the preferred route for many UK companies when trading with the EU and Russia. This can lead to long delays and increased cost. These problems may be exacerbated by Brexit.


Container transport by sea

By working with some key container transport companies, we can offer 20’ and 40’ container transport within Europe by sea freight, transiting from a variety of UK ports. The overall transit time for goods is longer, but taking into account the possible delays at Dover, this is not always the case. Additionally, the overall cost can also be slightly cheaper.




The shipping process

We arrange for collection of your goods from your suppliers. The goods will be transported by road, rail and then ship to their destination in Europe or Russia. From the destination port, the goods will be delivered by road to the desired location. The entire process is managed for you and the result is a more eco friendly transport chain.



With the uncertainty regarding Brexit, it makes sense to use other UK ports as the popularity of Dover will mean any transport problems will be magnified there. It is wise to prepare in advance and start exploring your alternative methods of transport.


Contact us

So, how can t.ward help you?  If you currently have full trailer loads to/from Europe feel free to provide us details for a full cost comparison again your current road freight option against potential sea freight option.  We’d be happy to answer any of your questions.


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