Assembled below is some feedback from our customers and clients.


Registered Charity 'International Fire and Rescue Association'.

"T-Ward has now been our preferred Shipping agent for the last 3 years and they have shipped all over the world for us and we have NEVER had an issue. The personal service and dedication you will receive is backed up by their knowledge and understanding of not only the regulations required but also the customers special needs. I have asked T-Ward the strangest questions due to the materials we send out worldwide and they have always came up with a solution. I highly recommend this company and will be continuing to use them to assist Fire Services abroad in the future.  

David Kay OBE"



A ship owner.
"....you have to receive a Gold Medal as best agent........t ward shipping agents have done an excellent job this morning and have protected both our companies.......I have already thanked ........ for his help and suggest your company might want to do the same...."


A Captain from a panamax vessel we acted as agents for at the Port of Hunterston.
"Really nice to work with you. Hoping all agents will be the same as you. Very professional & very supportive. Again, thank you so much for your great performance during our stay in Hunterston. Hoping to be back in Hunterston in the near future."